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Asian Glacial ca. 200,000~18,000bp
During glacial periods, land bridges connected the Asian continent with Taiwan & Japan: Okinawa, Hokkaido & Kyushu. 
These bridges extended as far as Indonesia & the Philippines.  


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Paleolithic Period ca. 30,000~13,000bc

Minatogawa Man
Yamashita cho Cave 1.  Naha City 32,000bp  


Pinza abu Cave
Miyako Island 26,000bp.  


Minatogawa Man
Gushigami Son 17,000bp.  


Shimojibaru Cave
Kume Island 16,000bp.  

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Archeological Gap ca. 16,000~5000bc

Tenson Dynasty     天孫王朝
According to legend, the Tenson Dynasty or Dynasty of Heavenly Descent ruled Okinawa for 17,000 years until it was replaced by the Shunten Dynasty in 1187ad.  This myth was probably included into the Ryukyu Kingdom’s history around the 16th or 17th century to give more legitimacy to Sho Dynasty.  

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Early Shellmound Period ca. 5,000bc~300bc

Northern Cultural Sphere – Kyushu (Japan) Jomon Period
Tanegeshima & Yakushima Islands ca. 5,000~300bc.  


Central Cultural Sphere – Early Amami & Okinawa Period
Amami & Okinawa Islands ca. 5,000~300bc.  


Southern Cultural Sphere – Shell Axe Period
Miyako & Yaeyama Islands, Taiwan & Philippines ca. 2,000bp.  


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